Pasture Mix:

Dodson & Horrell’s Pasture Mix or Cubes is a great step up from a lower calorie fibre cube providing additional calories/energy through the winter months for those in light to medium work. It is a non-heating formulation providing quality protein and digestible fibre sources such as wheatfeed, oatfeed and unmolassed sugar beet, also known as “super fibres”


Classic Fibre Cubes

Dodson & Horrell’s Classic Fibre Cubes is an ideal supplementary feed during the winter months to increase fibre intake. It is low in starch and sugar and provides digestible fibre sources such as wheatfeed, oatfeed, soya hulls and unmolassed beet pulp, commonly referred to as “super-fibres”. It is also a soakable fibre, which can also help support your horses level of hydration.


Festive Nibbles

We all like to treat our horses; especially after they have done a good job! Festive Nibbles can be used as a delicious reward for all your horse’s hard work. This tasty, low sugar, feel good treat includes wellbeing herbs that can be fed in addition to an existing feeding plan including fully balanced Dodson & Horrell concentrate feeds, balancers, and/or multivitamin treats like Equi-Bites. With added festive flavours such as ginger and cinnamon, this is the perfect treat for your horse.


Winter Equi-bites

Equi-bites are a low calorie treat, which are only 6.5% sugar, making them a healthy alternative to many options available on the market. They are also suitable for horses and ponies prone to Laminitis or excess body condition. In addition to being a treat, Equi-bites are a fully supplemented vitamin and mineral ‘top up’ for leisure horses and ponies. Providing the nutrients that may be missing from a diet heavily reliant of fibre sources


Build & Glow

Build & Glow allows a concentrated addition of conditioning calories without the need to completely change your horses diet. During the winter period, maintaining body condition can be a challenge. Build & Glow provides low intake, palatable, calories that can be added to your horses existing winter feed.


Winter Health Mash

Our popular Winter Health Mash can be added to an existing feeding programme in the winter, to support continued wellbeing. It’s a very palatable and aromatic oat-grain free and molasses free formulation. Includes a blend of oils for additional calories, and herbs selected to support immune and digestive function.


Build Up Conditioning Mix

Build Up Conditioning Mix is designed to help support weight gain, as well as containing Actisaf Yeast to help support hindgut health; all in a palatable muesli. Oil is also an ideal solution to adding in concentrated calories, Build Up Conditioning Mix incorporates several high oil ingredients, contributing to it’s high calorie content, without being too heating.



Kwikbeet is a fast soaking and valuable super fibre source that is low in starch and sugar, helping to maintain hindgut functionality. Because it’s a soaked fibre product, it naturally increases water intake. With pasture becoming limited over the winter period and with troughs periodically freezing over, Kwikbeet helps support your horse to receive the key levels of fibre and water needed for a successful Winter.

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