Will my horse be left out on Christmas Day?

We all like to treat our horses; and there’s no reason the festive spirit can’t be spread to our Equine friends! Dodson & Horrell’s brand new for 2018 Festive Nibbles can be used as a delicious reward for all your horse’s hard work. This tasty, low sugar, feel good treat includes wellbeing herbs that can be fed in addition to an existing feeding plan including fully balanced Dodson & Horrell concentrate feeds, balancers, and/or multivitamin treats like Equi-Bites. Our Festive Nibbles have been formulated with seasonal flavourings such as ginger and cinnamon to ensure that your horse is just as involved as any other member of your family this Christmas.

If you would like to feed a horse a treat by hand, put the treat in the middle of your outstretched palm, with all fingers kept tightly next to each other, as this will prevent any unwanted nips! Do not withdraw your hand if the horse reaches toward it (this inadvertent action is sometimes what causes the horse to lunge for the treat), just keep your hand flat and push it gently and slowly toward the front of the horse’s mouth. Horses have very dexterous lips and will often use them instead of their teeth to pick up the treat from your hand. You could alternatively consider adding a few festive treats such as Festive Nibbles into your horse’s feed bowl each night.

Stay ahead of the game – Winter is better with us!

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