Using a low inclusion feed to maintain or build condition this winter

It can be tempting when needing more weight and condition to completely alter the horses’ diet. However, as it takes time for the bacteria in the hind gut to adapt to a new diet, this can be counterproductive and Build & Glow provides conditioning calories without the need to completely change your horses’ diet. 

Traditionally, oil has been added in to feeds in an attempt to increase body condition and coat quality. To achieve weight gain, oil should be provided at 1ml/kg of bodyweight, for example a 500kg horse would require approximately 2 cups of oil in their daily ration. Frequently, when given at this level a number of horses find their diet unpalatable and will eat less of their daily feed than before. In addition to the reduced palatably level, this volume of oil requires additional antioxidants to compensate the free radicals generated by fat digestion and metabolism. Free radicals bind to other molecules and can cause damage to cells in the process.

Build & Glow provides a palatable, easy alternative to straight oil. It is a 22% oil, extruded pellet which combines rice bran and soya along with rapeseed oil and vegetable oil. It has been specifically formulated to give an outstanding source of dense and concentrated calories without being heating so it is ideal for those who are poor doers. Additional linseed, a source of omega 3 fatty acids, also promotes healthy skin and coat shine. Build & Glow is also supplemented with 660mg/kg of Vitamin E to protect against the free radicals produced during the digestion of additional oils.

Further to the high level of calories sourced from oil for weight gain, there are also considerable protein and lysine levels to aid with muscle and topline development without having to significantly increase feeding volumes.

Feeding a pelleted form of a combined oil supplement, not only provides several health and condition benefits, but it is also an extremely convenient way to include oil into the diet whilst minimising mess.

Stay ahead of the game – Winter is better with us!

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