Keeping your horse healthy this Winter

Winter Health Mash is a unique top up feed that is a fully supplemented version of the traditional bran mash with the added benefits of extra supplements and digestive aids.  The formulation is an ideal top up of calories but is fed in small amounts every day to support immune and digestive function.

Echinacea has been added to WHM to support immune function, and a blend of fennel and mint to also support digestive function and increase the palatability – as well as the aroma, for us Equine owners. WHM contains a blend of oils to provide additional calories and to promote a healthy, glossy coat.  It is an oat-grain and molasses free formulation, with a starch content of 20%.  This works out at just 20g of starch in every 100g of Winter Mash which will fall in line with the recommended levels of safe starch inclusion per meal for most horses, when fed at the recommended feeding rate. It may therefore be fed to older horses and ponies

that need low starch diets, but require a sloppy feed.

Being both convenient and easy to existing feeding programmes, WHM only needs 10 minutes to soak in either cold or hot water prior to feeding. The feeding rate is just 100g-200g per 100kg bodyweight per day.

WHM may help stimulate a horse’s appetite due to the added carrots, peas and herbs. The inevitable increase in stabling during Winter can often lead to feed apathy and this warming muesli is ideal to tempt your horse to its feed bowl. This mash is ideally placed to help keep your horse as satisfied as possible during the winter months when there is more reliance on dried forage and poorer quality grass.

Stay ahead of the game – Winter is better with us!

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