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Our team of nutritionists are sharing which of our Winter With Us products are their favourite to help stay ahead of the game this winter, hear what they’ve got to say

Amie Hicks

My absolute favourite and definite go to is Build & Glow. Suitable for anything from Racehorses to show ponies providing a fantastic source of non-heating, dense & concentrated calories to those who are in light condition or just need that extra bit of support for a dazzling coat.

Jennifer Little

Build and Glow is my favourite product, providing extra calories in the form of oils and quality protein for condition and topline. I combine this with ultimate balancer, ensuring top condition and coat shine, without the extra exuberance of many hard feeds.

Judith Maxwell

I love Kwikbeet as an addition over winter. It’s a quick soaking source of soluble fibres. This not only encourages water intake, but is also really beneficial for the hindgut and great for adding in additional calories too.

Courtney Miller

We all love to treat our horses and our Winter Equi-bites are more than a healthy alternative to many equine treats with just 6.5% sugar. Equi-bites are a fully supplemented vitamin and mineral ‘top up’ for horses, enabling you to treat your horse while benefiting their overall diet.

Chris Gordon

Kwikbeet’s a valuable addition in any feed room and is suitable for all horses and ponies. It’s a quick soaking unmolassed sugar beet providing fibre and hydration - especially important during the winter when there’s a high dependency of dry forage and cold temperatures reducing water intake.

Chris Ritch

I find Build & Glow an invaluable product for helping horses that are poor doers gain and maintain their condition without heating them up. The low intake makes it ideal for fussy eaters and the blend of Rice Bran, Linseed & Soya Oil gives a dazzling coat shine also. I wouldn't be without it, and its great value for money too!

Charlotte Wilkinson

I really like Classic Fibre Cubes, it’s an essential in any feed room. It’s not only a well-balanced maintenance feed but can also act as a partial hay replacer and is easily soakable. Ideal for when there isn’t as much grass around.

Chloe Dix

I love Winter Health Mash because it smells so good that even you’ll want to eat it! It is also a brilliant way to provide fibre that’s also a warming, tasty treat for even the fussiest of feeders.

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